Emerald Dofus: Guide


Table of Content:

  1. Introduction
  2. Preparation
  3. Navigating through mazes
  4. List of required achievements and quests
  5. Detailed quest guide


Update 2.17 features change in obtaining yet another Dofus - this time it's Emerald Dofus. The quest line is aimed at medium-leveled characters. While it's relatively short, it engages players with various game mechanics, including breeding, souling, and professions. At the same time some steps can be skipped if players decide to use kamas and buy their way through quests. 

Emerald Dofus gives a fixed bonus of 200 Vitality.


If you already completed main quests in Incarnam, Astrub, and Pandala (for example if you did them for Cawwot Dofus quests) you're in luck! You just need a couple more of them and Emerald Dofus is yours. 

You can find a full list of all required quests in a section List of Required Achievements and Quests below.

Navigating through mazes

Quests for Emerald Dofus feature two mazes: the Swamps and the Evil Forest. It's easy to get lost there and even the bravest Boys Scouts can lose their composure and soil their pants when aggressive monsters are around. To cut the running time to minimum use the following maps:

Swamps (click to enlarge):

Swamps Map

The Evil Forest (Chafers and Bworks aggro; click to enlarge):

List of required achievements and quests

Learning Stages - main Incarnam quests

  1. Follow Your Path
  2. On the Trail of the Dofus
  3. From Nhin to Nhin
  4. Life After Death
  5. The Relics of Setsun
  6. The Relics of Ryzsun
  7. Journey to Astrub

A Dream Disciple - main Astrub quests

  1. Discreet Arrival
  2. Remarkable Advice
  3. Class Quest
  4. Devotion Quest
  5. Astrubian Rumours
  6. Nowa's Ark
  7. In Search of the Missing Enus

But Where Are the Dofus? - main Pandala quests

  1. Pandalan customs quest
    1. Pandavignon
    2. Pandala: An Island Unlike the Others
    3. Mysteries in Pandala (if your character class is Pandawa) or Pandala: Its Goddess (any other class)
  2. Pandala: Its Villages
  3. Pandala: Its Fresh Air
  4. Lenald Legend
  5. See Dark Vlad and Live
  6. The Sorceress from the Swamps

Green Emerald - Emerald Dofus quests

  1. Still Not Dying at the Sight of Dark Vlad
  2. Who Kicks the Kicked Ass's Ass?
  3. The Soul Stealer
  4. Nabur's Lost Love
  5. The Birth of a Mission
    • The First Time
    • Pregnant Or Just Fat?
  6. The Cania Bandits
  7. Draconthrophy
  8. A Trip Back in Time

Detailed quest guide

The Sorceress from the Swamps

Talk to Lenald the Wise Lenald at [27,-47] to start this quest. He will send you to talk to Meriana at [-6,-3] (map).

Still Not Dying at the Sight of Dark Vlad

Meriana asks you to collect six ingredients scattered around the swamps:

  • Marsh Flowers [-5,-2]
  • Slimy Stone [-5,0]
  • Putrid Clovers [-7,-3]
  • Marshy Plant [-8,-4]
  • Sanguine Roots [-9,-3]
  • Odiferous Bellflowers [-9,0]


To collect simply click on each of them - you might be attacked by an Aggressive Crocodyl (lvl 40-50) each time you collect the ingredients.

Take the ingredients to Meriana and then click on the cauldron.

Speak to her again. Select the first option, which will teleport you to the Evil Forest. Talk to Hell Mina at [-7,16] and defeat her (she's a lvl 50 Iop). She will drop Dark Vlad's Letter - click on it. Leave the Evil Forest (you can do so by talking to Hell Mina again without leaving the map) and show Merina the letter.

You will receive a compass. Double click on it to see the latest known location of Dark Vlad. The first location is at [5,1], so go there and talk to Bowisse inside the workshop.

Note: If you don't have a profession of at least level 50 Bowisse will say that your level of competence is not high enough. To progress, you need to level up at least one profession.

Who Kicks the Kicked Ass's Ass?

It's time to use your profession to craft some Windsoles but first you need to gather some ingrediants. Head over to Brouce Boulgoure's Clearing and collect 10x Woody Mushrooms.

Then go to [14,17] in Bandit Territory and defeat Dark Shoemaker (he's with a Dark Baker and a Dark Miner). Return to Bowisse. Craft Windsoles on the special bench inside the workshop and talk to Bowisse again.

To craft Windsoles you need:

  • 8x Seed of Contention
  • 10x Wind Kwak Feather
  • 2x Emerald Stone (unpolished)
  • 4x Treechnid Resin (you can buy them at every grocery store)
  • 6x White Scaraleaf Wing.

Use the compass again. Go to [29,-43] in Fire Pandala and talk to Tungussi

The Soul Stealer

Take the souls of the following dungeon keepers to Tungussi:

  • Kwakwa
  • Boostache
  • Kanniball Andchain
  • Nelween
  • Wa Wobot

After you deliver the soul stones, help her with the ritual and then defeat Yor Solismynao Spirit (lvl 80, 1500 HP). Talk to the Spirit and check your compass again. Go to [-9,-56]. Click on the grave on the right side.

Move one map to the right and talk to Fiuina Ramarch at [-8,-56].

Nabur's Lost Love

Go to Kerub Crepin in Astrub [6,-16]. He will instruct you to find legendary Master Nabur. He can be found inside a tavern in Dreggon Village [-3,25] (use the stairs on the right).

After talking to him, you need to find out more information about the demise of the village (talk to Ziho inside Kajendo at [-4,24] and select option Find out more about the Devastated Village) and his daughter named Nabura (talk to Dreggon Tamer at [-3,24]). Return to Master Nabur and defeat the Plunderers (one lvl 90 and two lvl 80). After the fight, take the Master back to Amakna Castle [4,-6] and talk to George Segrob (he's inside the castle's library on the left). Consult the archives in the library by clicking on the the pile of books in the left corner.

Head to the Amakna Cemetery and enter the tomb at [11,16].

Inside, talk to Oona and then to Master Nabur. Once again, use the compass and travel to Bonta Militia [-33,-56]. Inside, talk to Captain Starky.

The Birth of a Mission

Go to [-33,-55] and fight Blasfema and Riko Noklast (1500 HP each).

Return to Captain Starky and show him the Compromising Document. Talk to Oogius at [-35,-56] and then to Edemaga on the same map. You need to teach this fine lady how to breed... dragoturkeys, of course (you sick perverts!). Anyway, to do so you need to complete related achievements and tasks first:

  • learn Mount Taming spell (taming)
  • complete an achievement The First Time (mating)
  • complete an achievement Pregnant Or Just Fat? (birth)

Additionally, you need to bring her a complete set of Wild Dragoturkey certificates (Almond, Ginger, and Golden) so she can practice breeding herself.

After you complete training her, talk to Oggius again. He will instruct you to look at the archway in Bonta's Breeders' Quarter at [-34,-57]. Click on the archway on top left part on the map and then use your compass again.

Go to [2,-12] in Tofu's Corner and talk to Nistracolamus. He will tell you to look for Dark Vlad - he's hiding in Cemetery of Heroes at [-1,-10]. When you talk to Dark Vlad he will turn you into a ghost. Revive yourself by touching a nearby Phoenix Statue (the closest one is at [2,12]) and then continue the quest by using the compass one last time. Go back to Meriana at [-6,-3] and talk to her.

The Cania Bandits

To defeat Dark Vlad you need to unleash the powers of a special amulet. To craft it, you have to collect scales from three Cania Bandits: Eddase the Killjoy, Eratz the Protector, and Nomekop Wodly.

Cania Bandits are treated like bounties. It means they don't have a fixed location. Instead, each of them appears in a monster group on a different random map in Cania Plains. Each time they are killed they spawn in a different location. Their respawn time is not immediate; it takes between 6 and 18 hours for each Bandit to respawn.

After defeating each Bandit you will get a following character. You don't have to escort it anywhere - it servers no purpose and it will simply disappear after one fight.

Different Bandits drop different scales. After defeating each bandit, only characters who have quest The Cania Bandits active drop a full scale. All characters, no matter if they are doing The Cania Bandit quest, drop a scale fragment. You can craft a full scale from five scale fragments and one Smoked Pebble (obtainable for 100 Dopplons from Temple Merchants) on a special crafting bench inside Meriana's hut. The scale fragments (which belongs to Skin resources category) can be exchanged or traded, so players don't have to hunt the Bandits themselves.

Each Bandit has two favorite locations:

  • Eddase the Killjoy (Sacrier: all elements punishment of 200 for 5 turns) - Coast Road and Rocky Road
  • Eratz the Protester (Iop: 40% Power gained from each hit taken for 2 turns) - Cania Lake and Cania Massif
  • Nomekop Wodly (Ecaflip: 20% chance of healing instead of taking damage) - Cania Peaks and Rocky Plains

After you collect all three scales, show them to Meriana.


Scales alone are not enough. You have to collect more magical items in preparation for the ultimate battle with Dark Vlad:

  • Obsidian Pendant: go inside a tower in Gisgoul, the Devastated Village [-16, 17] and defeat Rasuman the Green (a Bwork Magus)
  • Flower of the Tormented: click on a flower in Cemetary of the Tortured [-10,29]
  • Moowolf's Enchanted Ring: a quest drop from Moowolf (100% chance of dropping)

Bring back these items to Meriana.

A Trip Back in Time

A wild goose chase after Dark Vlad leads you to Incarnam. Use any class statue in Astrub to travel there (warning: your recall save point will reset to your class statue after traveling to Incarnam). It is recommended that you bring plenty of energy items to Incarnum with you, because this quest leads directly to the fight with Dark Vlad, and using energy items will save you from wasting a lot of time running to the nearest phoenix if you die repeatedly while attempting the fight like most people do.

Start your investigation at the local inn [4,3]. Inside, buy a lemonade from the barkeep and then talk to a Regular Customer of the Inn. He will direct you to Kerub Captain at the Militia [5,1]. Follow his lead to the local cemetary [7,6] and pay 1,000 kamas to Kerub Militiaman Hatten to get more information. Go one map down to [7,7] and defeat Chafer Bandit (others can join and validate the quest at the same time). After a fight go to [7,4] and click on a stone skull on the right side.

Defeat three Invisible Chafers (1000-2700 HP each) and then talk to Throbbing Ed. Return to the Militia [5,1] and after receiving a key click on a cellar entrance on the left side, right next to the stairs.

Inside, talk to Orbalantyr and select the following dialogue options:

  • Ears (3rd option)
  • Mouth (1st option)

After short debriefing with Meriana head to a hut in the meadows [1,1] and talk to a Mysterious Stranger. When speaking to her you should select the "Say nothing" option on the second dialog in order to receive the fourth scale that completes the amulet. This will give you an extra spell in the fight with Dark Vlad that resets the cooldown on your other spells. This can be incredibly useful if you end up in a bad suituation and need an emergency heal or shield using the Courage spell. If you choose to dismiss her advice you will not receive the fourth scale to complete the amulet and you will not get the extra spell in the fight. This fight will still be possible, just harder.

After leaving the Myserious Stranger you should go to [9,3]. On the way save at the zaap next to the balloon, because you are pretty much guaranteed to die the first few times you do this fight, and it will be nice to respawn right next to the balloon. Talk to the owl Wedhig on the bottom of the map with the Astrub balloon and travel to Dragon's Tail. Follow the path and confront Dark Vlad.

You will be transformed into a dragon (10,000 HP, 4AP, 4MP). You have five spells at your disposal (each of them has a cooldown of 5 turns; 4 AP means you can use only one spell per turn):

  • Vivacity: +3 MP for one turn
  • Endurance: 1,200 HP restored
  • Ferocity: 1,800 air damage at 1-3 range
  • Courage: switches positions with the target and protects against Diagonal Flames and Kilburn Sword spells
  • Ardour: 1,800 fire damage at 1-8 range; linear

Dark Vlad (15,000 HP, 3MP) has four main spells:

  • Mounting: Pressure 300 fire damage at infinite range; no line of sight
  • Diagonal Flames: 1,800 fire steal at infinite range; diagonal
  • Kilburn Sword: 1,800 fire steal at 1-2 range
  • Speed: +3 MP for one turn - the bonus takes place one turn after the spell is cast

Additionaly, each time you're hit with Diagonal Flames or Kilburn Sword you will receive permanent -50% fire resistance. Since all Dark Vlad's damaging spells are fire, they will become more powerful the more times you're hit with Diagonal Flames or Kilburn Sword.

Therefore, to win this fight you have to avoid Diagonal Flames and Kilburn Sword at all costs. You can easily see which spells will be available to Dark Vlad the next turn by clicking on his portrait on the timeline. Most of the time you can safely keep the distance simply by moving away from him (you have 1 MP more than him). End up your turn 5 cells away from him to avoid Kilburn Sword and make sure he won't reach you diagonally to avoid Diagonal Flames. Pay special attention to his Speed spell: if on the next turn he gains 3 MP *and* he can use Diagonal Flames or Kilburn Sword, you have to either give yourself 3 MP or cast Courage to counter his attacks. Heal when necessary and hit him from the distance whenever possible. See the video below of a Dark Vlad fight:

After you defeated Dark Vlad talk to Goultard, then to Meriana, and then finally grab Emerald Dofus. Congratulations!

Last updated: 12 December 2013